FRAC Réunion

Based in a traditional Creole house dating from the late 19th century and located in the west part of Réunion Island, the Frac Réunion is the only French regional collection of contemporary art to be located in a French-administered overseas département.

At its inception, the Frac developed its collection around several ensembles that were representative of the French art scene (Surrealism, Abstract art, Narrative figuration and  Figuration libre). The collection swiftly expanded to include Indo-Oceanic, African and Asian territories and diasporas.

La Maison du FRAC RÉUNION ©dr/fracréunion
La Maison du FRAC RÉUNION ©dr/fracréunion

The Maison Bédier, a heritage site dating from 1869 on the slopes of the Piton Saint-Leu in Stella, offers 110 sq. m. of exhibition space distributed over five of the ground-floor living areas. The site is part of the Stella cultural complex, which now includes the Stella Matutina industrial museum and will soon feature the large regional Guétali cultural project.

Portrait de Béatrice Binoche © blindoff
Portrait de Béatrice Binoche © blindoff

Being in tune with the world. Being in space. Being in time.

While remaining true to the issues that have shaped the history of its collection, the Frac Réunion is continuing to move towards greater openness to others and their realities in a description of the displacements and movements that affect the Indian Ocean in particular and the relations between this geographic area and the world.
‘Explorations // Phénoménologies du monde’ is based on the work of artists whose relationship to the world is at the forefront of contemporary post-colonial issues that are particularly sensitive in the Indian Ocean.

— Béatrice Binoche, Director of the Frac Réunion

Béatrice Binoche has been director of the Frac Réunion since 1 July 2015.

After a career in publishing and corporate communication, Béatrice Binoche launched a gallery in Saint-Denis de La Réunion in 2003, where since 2006 she has developed a national and international cultural agenda (art fairs, exhibitions and residency programmes in France, India, South Africa and Mauritius) with a firm focus on artists from Réunion Island. In 2011, she returned to consulting on an independent basis for several public institutions and private structures (heritage, architecture, social, visual arts).

Technical acquisition committee

Abel Techer
Salim Currimjee
Architecte, artiste, collectionneur, directeur fondateur de l'ICAIO
Francine Méoule
Auteure, commissaire indépendante
Julie Crenn
Auteure, commissaire indépendante, commissaire associée à la programmation du Transpalette - Centre d'art contemporain de Bourges


Mario Serviable
Béatrice Binoche


6, allée des Flamboyants
97424 Piton Saint-Leu
La Réunion, France

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