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Frac Picardie

The French Regional Collection of Contemporary Art for Picardy (Frac Picardie), created in 1983 and based in Amiens, is the only Frac to have built up one of the most substantial collections of contemporary drawing in France and in Europe.

Today it features more than 1,300 works by 250 artists, offering an insight into the many facets of contemporary drawing, including emblematic figures of the French and international art scene such as Pierrette Bloch, Jean-Michel Albérola, Guiseppe Penone, William Kentridge, Sol LeWitt and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

La documentation et le magasin / Crédit : Irwin Leullier
La documentation et le magasin / Crédit : Irwin Leullier

Drawing on this exceptional contemporary cultural asset, the Frac is committed to working with numerous structures and local authorities to promote contact between wide-ranging audiences and contemporary creation, by devising new ways of raising awareness of the art of today.

The year 2021 marks a turning-point for the Frac Picardie which, under its new director Pascal Neveux, is embarking upon an experimental cultural project that seeks to revisit the full scope  of the Frac’s remit for the next few years. Designing and drafting an artistic and cultural agenda in 2021 is above all about ‘living as a cohesive society’ and understanding the societal challenges facing cultural institutions as the source material for future projects.

Pascal Neveux, directeur / Crédit : Irwin Leullier
Pascal Neveux, directeur / Crédit : Irwin Leullier

Setting up a real base camp

The Frac Picardie is launching a new artistic and cultural initiative.

Given the ongoing crisis, there is all the more need to create a social space where artists, critics, researchers, academics and cultural players from every background can come to work, share, be inspired and develop ideas and projects. It is a human ecosystem – able to generate the conditions conducive to transformative experiences, meaningful collaborative ventures and hands-on experimentation – that brings together people and projects in a shared commitment to creating a responsible and innovative artistic and cultural environment.

The Frac Picardie is set to become a platform for exchanges and encounters, through events, exhibitions, workshops and gatherings, setting up a real base camp in the south of our region, open to all.
We look forward to welcoming you!

— Pascal Neveux, Director of the Frac Picardie

After a PhD in Art History, Pascal Neveux worked first at Art Public Contemporain then at the Galerie Jean-Gabriel Mitterrand before joining Madeleine Van Doren in 1992 at Le Crédac Contemporary Art Centre in Ivry-sur-Seine. From 1999 to 2006, he was director of the FRAC Alsace in Sélestat and, as of 2006, director of the FRAC PACA in Marseille, where he oversaw the architectural offering designed by Kengo Kuma, inaugurated in March 2013 as part of the Marseille-Provence 2013 year-long series of events to celebrate the territory’s designation as European Capital of Culture. Since 2013 he has chaired the Marseille Expos association, a network of more than forty contemporary art venues, museums, art centres and galleries. Since 2020 he has headed the Frac Picardie as part of a new artistic and cultural project. He has also authored articles on numerous French and foreign artists and has curated exhibitions in France and abroad. After a first term of office, in 2020 he was re-elected president of the CIPAC National Federation of Contemporary Art Professionals and has served as the federation’s representative at the CNPAV French National Commission of Visual Art Professionals since its inception.

Technical acquisition committee

Dominique De Beir
artiste et enseignante à l’école d’art de Rouen
Estelle Francès
fondatrice de la fondation d’entreprise Francès
Jean de Loisy
directeur de l’École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris
Pascale Pronnier
responsable des programmations artistiques au Fresnoy
Dirk Snauwaert
directeur du Wiels, Bruxelles


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