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FRAC-Artothèque Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The Frac-Artothèque Nouvelle-Aquitaine is a public institution dedicated to disseminating contemporary art. A non-profit association, as per the French law of 1901, the Frac-Artothèque is funded by the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine and by the French State (Ministry of Culture / DRAC Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs for Nouvelle-Aquitaine). Promoting interaction between artists and audiences, the Frac-Artothèque holds exhibitions, cultural activities (including visits, workshops, art history courses, recitals and public lectures) and has established numerous partnerships with other cultural institutions (museums, theatres, etc.), as well as with local authorities.

Over forty municipalities and local communities are affiliated to the Frac-Artothèque. Originally located within the confines of the former administrative region of Limousin, the Frac-Artothèque has seen the scope of its activities extend across Nouvelle-Aquitaine since 2017. The fusion of the Frac collection with that of the Artothèque (art library) means that the Frac-Artothèque now holds a total of more than 6,200 works and is one of the largest publicly-accessible collections in France today. These holdings are considered part of the cultural heritage of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. The Frac-Artothèque is part of the Astre network that operates at regional level throughout Nouvelle-Aquitaine, and is also a member of Platform — the national network of Frac structures – and of ADRA (Association for the Development and Research of Art Libraries), which operate at national level.

A new location in 2022

Le futur bâtiment du FRAC-Artothèque © Jakob-MacFarlane
Le futur bâtiment du FRAC-Artothèque © Jakob-MacFarlane

In 2022, the Frac-Artothèque will move to new premises at the very heart of the city of Limoges.

This site will be the setting for new artistic initiatives and a digital cultural agenda. A new section reflecting the close links between creation and the region’s local expertise will also be included in the collections.

Designed to function as both transmitter and receiver, this new site will forge close links with the regional territory and the full range of activities undertaken there.

Catherine Texier,
Catherine Texier,

Catherine Texier, executive director of the FRAC-Artothèque Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Catherine Texier took part in the establishment of the Artothèque du Limousin in 1987 and took charge of it in 1989. She developed an off-site art library project, with a collection that now includes 4,300 pieces : the largest collection of contemporary art available on loan in France. With Yannick Miloux, she wrote in 2014 the artistic and cultural project of the FRAC-Artothèque Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Now, she is the executive director of this unique structure in the FRAC landscape.
Catherine Texier is also the founding co-chair of ADRA, an association for the development and research of art libraries.

In 2018, Catherine Texier was a founding member of the ASTRE network (actors of contemporary art in Nouvelle-Aquitaine). She is currently co-chair of the ASTRE network.

Technical acquisition committee

Paul Bernard
Conservateur au Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain de Genève, critique
Stéphanie Cherpin
Camille de Singly
Critique d'art
Sébastien Faucon
Directeur - Conservateur du Musée Départemental d'Art Contemporain de Rochechouart
Catherine Texier
Directrice générale du FRAC-Artothèque Nouvelle-Aquitaine


Frédéric Bernardaud
Yannick Miloux
Directeur artistique du FRAC-Artothèque Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Catherine Texier
Directrice générale du FRAC-Artothèque Nouvelle-Aquitaine


FRAC-Artothèque Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Maison de la Région
27, boulevard de la Corderie
87031 Limoges cedex


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