On-site exhibition

Quand la forme parle. Nouveaux courants architecturaux au Japon

Vue de l'exposition Quand la forme parle au Frac Centre-Val de Loire © Martin Argyroglo
Vue de l'exposition Quand la forme parle au Frac Centre-Val de Loire © Martin Argyroglo

"The exhibition Quand la forme parle does not focus on Tokyo, as is usually the case. Bringing together many active architects from across the archipelago, it presents the reality of today’s architecture in Japan in a new and original way, writing a fresh page in the history of architectural exchanges between France and Japan."
Shuhei Endo, productor of the exhibition, architect, professsor at Kobe University

"The reception of this exhibition falls within the brief of the new orientations of the Frac Centre-Val de Loire: an interpretation of architecture in the time of the ‘fragile skin of the world’, to use Jean-Luc Nancy’s turn of phrase. The exhibition presents an architecture that expresses the proximity that became, after the Kobe earthquake in 1995 and that in eastern Japan in 2011, the only way of approaching architecture attentive to the world. How can architecture attract attention, pay attention, or draw attention to something? This is how the spoken word invites itself into the exhibition title and its circuit."
Abdelkader Damani, director of the Frac Centre-Val de Loire

The exhibition pays particular attention to the architects whose careers began after the speculative bubble in Japan burst (from 1995), as well as to young emerging talents. It strives to define the expression of a contemporary Japanese architectural form covering all of the island, by presenting 35 architectural agencies (with 13 women architects) including 64 projects with original and creative forms harmoniously integrating diverse environments while remaining attuned to local communities.

Exhibition under the patronage of the Japan Embassy in France. Organization: Architectural Design Association of Nippon (ADAN) / Shuhei Endo, architect, professor at tthe Kobe University. With the support of: International House of Japan / Sasakawa French-Japan Foundation. In partnership with École Spéciale d’Architecture (ESA) ; Société Française des Architectes (SFA) ; Maison de la culture du Japon à Paris.

  • Alphaville Architects, ARITSUKA Manabu, ASHIZAWA Ryuichi, CHIBA Manabu, Coelacanth K&H Architects, ENDO Katsuhiko, ENDO Shuhei, HATA Tomohiro, HIRATA Akihisa, ICADA, INUI Kumiko, IWASE Ryoko, KOSHIMA Yusuke, Kubo Tsushima Architects, MAEDA Keisuke, MAEDA Shigeki, MIKAN, MIYA Akiko, MIYAMOTO Katsuhiro, MOMOEDA Yu, NAGAYAMA Yuko, NAKAMURA Hiroshi, NISHIZAWA Ryue, o+h, ofa, SAITO Ryutaro, SHIMADA Yo, studio velocity, SUGAWARA Daisuke, TANE Tsuyoshi, Tezuka Architects, UNO Susumu, YAMASHITA Yasuhiro, YONEZAWA Takashi, YOSHIMURA Maki
— Curator(s): Taro Igarashi / Production : Shuhei Endo


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